Workplan and tasks


The workplan is organized into a first WP for management, coordination and dissemination; and three technical WPs, namely, WP2 for coding activities, WP3 for signal processing, and WP4 for experimental assessment.

  • WP2 is devoted to low complexity analog coding, digital coding for multi-user networks, and coding for quantum channels.

  • WP3 develops advanced signal processing techniques for wireless communication networks with massive number of antennas, specifically, importance sampling techniques, matrix completion algorithms, and time modulated arrays. WP3 further includes exploratory research activities for learning on wireless networks and beyond, such as signal processing on graphs, machine learning methods, and information extraction techniques.

  • WP4 gathers all experimental assessment activities of the project with OTA experiments in the wireless testbeds, and quantum tests using real IBM Q Experience quantum computers.

ADELE tasks and partners participation